Adult Class Training

As an adult your needs are very different, this class is specifically designed for you. The adult class will improve your fitness, physical strength, flexibility, concentration and perseverance. As you learn to manage and relieve your stress you will enjoy the camaraderie of other students and the many other benefits of martial arts training in Taekwondo. The class instructor will teach you all aspects of the Korean art of Taekwondo including both physical techniques and Taekwondo theories.

Special Offer:

Free Introductory Lesson Available


  • One lesson taught by a qualified Instructor.
  • One Taekwondo/Hapkido DVD (limited offer).
  • No obligation to join.

Senior Membership - Limited Offer of $110.00 


  • E.C.T.A. Membership
  • Free Uniform.
  • Free DvD
  • One month unlimited training.
  • Sports Taekwondo Australia registration and insurance paid to January 2018 (payable yearly)

Adult Class

  • Location:  Long Jetty Dojang (cnr The Entrance and Anzac Roads, Long Jetty, NSW 2261)
  • Time:    Monday 7:15pm to 8:40pm  
  • Contact Phone: 0416 102 487




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Call 0416 102 487

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