Advanced - Black Belt

This class is designed for students who have achieved Cho Dan Bo (provisional black belt) or higher. In this class the student will be taught advanced Taekwondo techniques and theories. The black belt student has reached a high standard of training and has a thorough understanding of Taekwondo fundamentals including an advanced understanding of Taekwondo rules, guidelines, social ethics and ideology.

The techniques taught include advanced sparring skills, tactics, foot work, avoiding, countering, game play and partner self-defence including empty hand against empty hand, empty hand against weapon. Also incorporating advanced self-defence techniques i.e. self-defence against two opponents, knife and baton defence against holds and applying locks. The black belt will also learn advanced kicking i.e. double kicks, twin kicks, split kicks and double spin kicks.

The black belt class is open to all E.C.T.A. black belts and is highly recommended and is compulsory for black belt students who live on the Central Coast.


Advanced - Black Belt Class

  • Location:           Long Jetty Dojang (cnr The Entrance and Anzac Roads, Long Jetty, NSW 2261)
  • Time:                 Thursday 6:30 - 7:50pm
  • Contact Phone: 0416 102 487


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