Credo Class Etiquette


Credo of Taekwondo Jidokwan

  1. Taekwondo for Self
  2. Taekwondo for Club
  3. Taekwondo for Nation

The Spirit of The Eight Manners of Solemnity

  1. View Rightly
  2. Feel Rightly
  3. Think Rightly
  4. Speak Rightly
  5. Order Rightly
  6. Contribute Rightly
  7. Have Ability
  8. Conduct Rightly

Dojang/Class Rules

  1. Bow when entering and leaving the dojang/class.
  2. Students must always bow before speaking to the Instructor and use words of consideration while speaking.
  3. Students must call the Instructor Mister/Miss and answer with "Yes, Sir/Miss".
  4. Do not leave the class without permission from your Instructor.
  5. All students are expected to be courteous.
  6. Loud conversation, laughing in excess and the consumption of food has no place in the dojang.
  7. Your uniform should be clean and tidy at all times.
  8. Any substitute teacher shall be treated as your instructor.
  9. Members are expected to treat the dojang and equipment with respect.
  10. Students are expected to persevere with each given task without complaint.
  11. No degradation of this art is allowed by misusing or showing off.
  12. Members must do their best to heed modesty, self-control and social ethics with self-confidence.
  13. You must have the approval of your Instructor if you are to engage in some other activities of the art.
  14. Registered members have the right to train in the class, to apply for grading and to participate in approved functions.
  15. The student is responsible to inform the Instructor prior to any missed lessons in order to receive fee adjustment.

NOTE: It is a condition of entry into the centre that all people including non-members obey the rules and regulations of the E.C.T.A. Those who choose not to behave accordingly may be asked to leave.

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