Taekwondo Qualification

All instructors of East Coast Taekwondo Academy are recognised coaches with the National Coaches Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). Our qualified instructors have many years experience in teaching the art and sport of Taekwondo. Currently the East Coast Taekwondo Academy has fifteen qualified instructors in over 30 schools located throughout the Central Coast, Hunter Region and Mid-North Coast of NSW. All instructors are constantly improving and upgrading their qualifications. The East Coast Taekwondo Academy principal instructor Master Chris Pennington is a registered Head Instructor of Taekwondo Australia Inc.



7th Dan Master Chris Pennington

Head Office Contact

  • 7th Dan Master Chris Pennington.
  • 1981 Started Taekwondo Training.
  • 1988 Opened first Taekwondo class.
  • 7th Dan Taekwondo Jidokwan.
  • 7th Dan Korea/Kukkiwon certified.
  • 3rd Class International Instructor - Korea/Kukkiwon
  • 5th Dan Hapkido MooHakKwon
  • 5th Dan Korea Hapkido Federation
  • Qualified Taekwondo & Hapkido Examiner.



4th Dan Instructor Kes Hartley


  • 5th Dan Instructor Kes Hartley.
  • 1989 Started Taekwondo Training.
  • 2000 Opened Taekwondo Class.
  • 2005 Hapkido Black Belt.
  • 2006 Taekwondo 4th Dan




2nd Dan Instructor Danny Hickling




Photo - Danny Hickling - to come



Instructor Scott Wells


Photo - Scott Wells - to come




2nd Dan Instructor Stephen Nelson



Photo - Stephen Nelson- to come

  • 2nd Dan Instructor Stephen Nelson.





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