Junior Beginner

This class is designed to cater for the needs of young children in the early stage of their martial arts training. The Taekwondo junior beginner class provides a firm foundation for physical and Taekwondo education development for young growing bodies. Through regular training routines designed to aid the development of social skills young children learn to respect others, strive for self improvement and develop an appreciation for the purpose of rules and guidelines.

The beginners program includes fun challenging activities which heightens enthusiasm yet still keeps focus on traditional aspects of the art.

Special Offer:

Free Introductory Lesson Available


  • One complimentary lesson taught by a qualified Instructor.
  • One Taekwondo/Hapkido DVD (limited offer).
  • No obligation to join.

Junior (4rys to 12yrs) Membership Pack - $100.00


  • E.C.T.A. Life Membership
  • Free Uniform.
  • Free DvD
  • One month unlimited training.
  • Sports Taekwondo Australia registration and insurance paid to January 2018 (payable yearly)

Junior Beginner Class

  • Location:  Long Jetty Dojang (cnr The Entrance and Anzac Roads, Long Jetty, NSW 2261)
  • Time: Monday & Wednesday    5:10PM to 6:10PM
  • Contact Phone: 0416 102 487




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