Junior Intermediate

This class is designed for children who have been training Taekwondo for one year or longer who are ready to increase the pace and are up for the challenge.

Students in this class have obtained blue belt or higher and are well on their way to reaching the goal of black belt. At this stage the class students have achieved a good understanding of Taekwondo fundamentals including a full understanding of Taekwondo rules, guidelines and social ethics, which is expected to be put into practice both in and outside the dojong (class). In the junior intermediate class students learn more challenging techniques incorporating jumping, spinning, avoiding and structured self-defence scenarios including advanced sparring skills, drills and foot work with an advancement in partner self-defence.

Junior Intermediate Class

  • Location:  Long Jetty Dojang (cnr The Entrance and Anzac Roads, Long Jetty, NSW 2261)
  • Time:        Monday & Wednesday      6:10pm to 7:10pm
  • Contact Phone: 0416 102 487

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