My name is Naomi ..........

"I have a 10 year old son who has trained with Master Chris Pennington at the East Coast Taekwondo Academy for the past five years. Kieran started as a white belt and is now training 3 days a week towards his 1st Dan black belt in traditional Taekwondo which is a great achievement. Both my husband and I feel that Kieran has benefited from all the training with Master Pennington. It has boosted his confidence and the discipline that Kieran has gained. You couldn't ask for anything more.

Kieran also trains every Saturday with Master Pennington in full contact sparring which Kieran absolutely loves. Kieran has been to both State and National tournaments which he has benefited so much from and the experience he has gained through this is so great.

I, myself have started training with Master Pennington and I feel that I have benefited from this physically with the exercise and it has been great. Now I can understand and share so much with my son. I would recommend anyone looking for a great sport with so much to offer to get in contact with Master Chris Pennington at the East Coast Taekwondo Academy".

My name is Alex ..........

"Our family has been involved with the East Coast Taekwondo Academy for seven years. During this time our daughter who is 14 years of age has achieved her 2nd Dan black belt and competed last year in the National 2005 Taekwondo Tournament in Hobart, Tasmania.

Our son is 9 years of age and has achieved his Cho Dan Bo belt. He has also competed in NSW Tournaments. My husband has also achieved his Cho Dan Bo belt and has been training for 3 years.

We have found the East Coast Taekwondo Academy encourages and supports all members at all levels of Taekwondo. With the commitment and dedication of their instructor, our family has been able to develop confidence, discipline and physical fitness in their chosen sport".

My name is Damian Dedich ..........

"I started training with the East Coast Taekwondo Academy in 1991. Throughout the course of my Taekwondo training, I have learned not only self-confidence, but also many life-changing skills. These include respect for others and myself, confidence and discipline. It has given me the opportunity to interact with people of all ages and cultures. But possibly the greatest achievement I have received from Taekwondo is that perseverance, dedication and determination to be the best I can be which will be qualities I take with me for the rest of my life".

My name is Tony Buttigieg .............

"Over the last few years I have watched my two daughters with admiration on how in such a short amount of time they have changed from being two shy girls to girls who now display positive self-esteem and confidence, just through participating in Taekwondo. I have found that the training provided by East Coast Taekwondo Academy not only enables them to perform physical tasks that they never thought they were able to achieve, but also has strengthened their belief in themselves".


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