Women's Self Defence

Women's Class

It is finally here! A Martial Arts program specifically designed for women's self-defence, fitness needs and well being.

The women's self-defence class is designed to teach you effective and practical self-defence in a safe and friendly environment. You will be taught how to improve your situational awareness and a good understanding of the physical strengths, weakness and limitations of both you and your opponent. The program is not physically demanding and does not require a high level of fitness. It is designed on getting you in shape and relieving stress.

Women's Self-Defence Class

Long Jetty Dojang

Special Offer:

Free Introductory Lesson Available


  • One lesson taught by a qualified Instructor.
  • One Taekwondo/Hapkido DVD (limited offer).
  • No obligation to join.

Senior Membership - Limited Offer of $110.00 (17 years & over)


  • E.C.T.A. Membership
  • Free Uniform.
  • One month unlimited training.
  • Sports Taekwondo registration and insurance paid to January 2018 (payable yearly)




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