My Daughters (10 & 8) and I have been training with Master Chris for the past three and a half years. During this time I have found Master Chris to be extremely professional with his knowledge and teaching of the arts. My daughters have grown, not only in a physical capability of movements and athleticism but most importantly in confidence, attitude and discipline. Having trained on and off in a couple of different forms of martial arts over the last 30 years myself, I can honestly and whole heartedly say that Master Chris and The East Coast Taekwondo Academy is one of, if not the best school on the Central Coast for kids and adults alike to learn very traditional forms of Taekwondo and Hapkido in a comfortable family friendly environment. I would encourage anyone of all ages to come and speak with Master Chris and get involved in Taekwondo. My kids agree, they LOVE it!!!

P. Nolan

Taekwondo and Hapkido are some of the most diverse, fun, challenging and exciting traditional martial arts available.

The teaching found at East Coast Taekwondo Academy is truly second to none! Master instructor Chris Pennington's knowledge and enthusiasm for these amazing arts make every lesson very enjoyable in a very safe ego free environment. I have been training Taekwondo for 9 years now and couldn't imagine my life without it!

D. Moroney

I began my training at East Coast Taekwondo Academy from the age of 6. I have been very fortunate to have Master Chris as my instructor.

I have loved every lesson. I am inspired to have perseverance and to do my best, not to give up and learning new moves.  I am currently a black belt student who loves attending every single lesson, even though we need to learn new things, we have lots of fun. It is very important to know how to protect yourself when out on the playground. I absolutely love having Master Chris as my instructor.

Jacinta (11 years)

I commenced my education of Martial Arts at East Coast Taekwondo Academy when I was 6 years of age. I am very humble, grateful and blessed to have Master Chris as my instructor.  I have benefited so much in life by doing Taekwondo. When someone mentions East Coast Taekwondo Academy, I think of the amazing instructors Master Chris has, as well as himself.

I am very motivated and enthusiastic to be committed to such a fantastically amazing club. The people who attend, the instructors, every week we come together like one big family. We are not here to judge if someone makes a mistake. We are free, alive people who enjoy what we do. I am now 13 and I can’t tell you how much Taekwondo has affected me so greatly, in a good way, to be able to build my self confidence and to be proud for what I can achieve.

Since I began as a white belt, I have always looked up to the black belts as they stood at the back of the dojang waiting to be instructed.

Now I am a black belt, I am able to help the coloured belts achieve their goals on becoming black belts. The one thing I really appreciate is when I do a move wrong or my punch is not high enough, Master Chris would guide me into the right direction, I always smile when this happens. I like how we learn a new move or a pattern. We get through what needs to be done very seriously, but having a good time and making it fun and enjoyable.

I am very fortunate to have Master Chris as my instructor and it is a pleasure to join in every week in the dojang to learn.  

 Larissa  (2nd Dan)

It has been a wonderful experience as parents watching our children grow in mind, body and spirit. Our daughters began their Taekwondo journey at the age of six.

From white belt through to black belt, it has been such a fantastic journey for us all.

It is an amazing feeling when you see your child grow in confidence.

We really thank East Coast Taekwondo Academy for teaching our girls to protect themselves physically and mentally.

Thank you Master Chris and East Coast Taekwondo Academy. We look forward to many more years ahead. 

 T & M Andrews

My daughters have attended East Coast Taekwondo Academy for several years. During this time Master Chris has promoted a positive attitude towards respect and discipline. He has the ability to recall ALL the children's names, whilst maintaining a calm, safe and fun environment for learning. The curriculum involves valuable self defense techniques. I am extremely grateful my daughter's have learnt physical skills and mental discipline they will hopefully carry with them through life. I'm very pleased with the guidance Chris has offered my children.

G. White